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They dusted off prewar designs and began producing cars that looked very much like and models. Radar and other sophisticated technology devices had uses that would later be applicable in the civilian arena for civil air control.

Although a significant number of families still did not own a car, and few families had two cars, the automobile had become a necessity rather than a luxury for most Americans. He hasn't got the depth of mind nor the breadth of vision to carry great responsibility. Kennedy, Democratic Senator from Massachusetts , U. Life did not return to what it had been in , it took off in exciting and often confusing new directions. During his presidential campaign, he had secretly advised South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu to resist peace overtures until after the U. Medicines such as penicillin, antibiotics and techniques for the treating of injuries and diseases were greatly stimulated by the demands of warfare and its impact upon civilian populations. Bush photographed in New York City, sought Congressional resolutions before invading Afghanistan and Iraq, but lost public support over time. But they were bright, shiny and colorful, and when the interstate highway system was begun in the '50s under President Eisenhower, they would take you almost anywhere in the country rapidly and in unprecedented comfort. Since then all space flights have been limited to low orbits.

He disliked MacArthur for his vanity, his penchant for theatrics, and for what Eisenhower perceived as "irrational" behavior. How do you know when LBJ is telling the truth?

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Recognizing that the South Vietnamese government and army were on the verge of collapse, Johnson sent the first U. The married college student—until an oddity for the most part—was now a fixture on the campus.

Despite conflict between President Truman and the Republican Congress, much was accomplished in the postwar years. Another issue that will be discussed more in the Cold War section was Russia's detonation of its first nuclear bomb.

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Corbis Ronald Reagan's "Tear down this wall" speech here, in West Berlin, was hailed as a triumph, but his aides' efforts to help Nicaraguan rebels by selling arms to Iran turned into a scandal.

And above all-there was the bomb. By the time of the election ofAmericans sought a younger more vigorous president, whom they got in John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It was called Sputnik.

For one thing, the demands of the Cold War and other factors kept government spending at high levels, and the demand for consumer goods and new homes kept the economy moving upward. Radar and other sophisticated technology devices had uses that would later be applicable in the civilian arena for civil air control. Bush won Congressional resolutions backing the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, but both were substantial military actions that under any traditional reading of the Constitution required declarations of war. The first jet aircraft were developed by Germany during the Second World War, and all-purpose vehicles such as the famous Jeep general purpose vehicle fostered advances in automotive design. The research that went into the development of the atomic bomb also produced information about the phenomenon of radiation and how it applied to such things as x-ray technology. By the time of the election of , Americans sought a younger more vigorous president, whom they got in John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The sailor who returns with metal hooks instead of the hands he lost in a shipboard fire discovers that his family has even more trouble adjusting to his injury than he had in adjusting to the mechanical devices. Those who heard the debate on the radio and did not see it divided their sentiments regarding the winner between the two candidates. When the operation cost 41 military lives to rescue 39 sailors, he suffered in the court of public opinion. Post-election analyses later showed that Truman was closing the gap rapidly in the last few days before the election. Richard Nixon was the first president to fill a vacancy under this provision when he selected Gerald Ford for the office following Spiro Agnew 's resignation in In addition the law made the Joint Chiefs of Staff a permanent entity and established the Central Intelligence Agency, an outgrowth of the wartime Office of Strategic Services, or OSS, to coordinate intelligence gathering activity.

Since the ratification of the Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution inno person may be elected president more than twice and no one who has served more than two years of a term to which someone else was elected may be elected more than once.

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The President and the National Security State during the Cold War