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O quam dulcis vita fuit Oh how sweet life became dum sedebamus in quieti When we sat together in quiet Alcuin soon found himself on intimate terms with Charlemagne and the other men at court, where pupils and masters were known by affectionate and jesting nicknames.

Poem on York, Versus de patribus, regibus et sanctis Euboricensis ecclesiae, ed. And when Charlemagne died in ADthe empire he'd built died with him. Click here for audio of Episode He hoped to be free from court duties and upon the death of Abbot Itherius of Saint Martin at Tours, Charlemagne put Marmoutier Abbey into Alcuin's care, with the understanding that he should be available if the king ever needed his counsel.

Fortunately Alcuin's writings have not been lost to us and they remain a key source which give a unique insight into one of the most traumatic periods of English history.

Such sins, argued Alcuin, were therefore more serious than lustful acts with women, for which the earth was cleansed and revivified by the water of the Floodand merit to be "withered by flames unto eternal barrenness.

These letters of which are extant are filled mainly with pious meditations, but they form an important source of information as to the literary and social conditions of the time and are the most reliable authority for the history of humanism during the Carolingian age.

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Chase, Colined. Alcuin passed away on 19 May, At his suggestion, the so-called Alcuin bibles, biblical panels with the revised Vulgate text and elaborate illuminations were created in his Saint-Martin de Tours monastery.

He dedicated the last two books of his commentary on John's gospel to them both. Propositiones ad acuendos iuvenesed.

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No. Alcuin and Charlemagne