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This post contains affiliate links. While your text editor will probably have built in spelling and maybe a grammar check, a dedicated editing tool can find hidden errors that are easily missed on a standard text editor.

In my prologue, for example, I had one use of passive voice, and Hemingway App suggested aiming for six uses or fewer — which I nailed. The app allows you to import your writing to Hemingway, perform edits, and then export to text, PDF, or Word.

It underlines and highlights different issues in the text.

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Verbose writers, authors wanting to cut down on editing costs or editors looking to speed up their editing process will most benefit from WordRake. Although initially created for creating medium to large technical and scientific documents, you can use it for basically any publishing tasks.

Reference Tools You definitely want to choose writing enhancement software with a dictionary and thesaurus that are regularly updated to include new words and new uses of words. The best writing enhancement software also included a translator and access to additional resources such as forums and writing tutorials.

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STYLE WRITER (StyleWriter) SOFTWARE to Edit Your Essays and Research Papers