A study of the order odonata

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Mokaria, K. Dragonflies -- Behavior and Ecology of Odonata. The earliest fossils so far discovered come from Upper Carboniferous Pennsylvanian sediments in Europe formed about million years ago. Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata, pp [6].

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Damselflies Zygoptera in Ontario from to an atlas of E. In dragonflies, the rear wings have a broader base and are larger than the front pair. Odonata consists of three groups: Anisoptera which includes dragonflies , Zygoptera which includes damselflies , and Anisozygoptera a relict group represented by only two living species. Dragonflies can fly forward at about body-lengths per second, and backwards at about 3 body-lengths per second. Dunkle, S. Zygoptera copulate while perched, sometimes flying to a new perch. A field guide to the dragonflies and damselflies of Massachusetts. This means that in a location such as a lake, if one finds a wide variety of odonates, then a similarly wide variety of plants should also be present. Santamarina, H.

Legler, K, Legler, D and D. Useful field guide to all North American Anisoptera; diagnostic field information, photos and distribution maps; useful for putting Canadian species in the continental context.

A study of the order odonata

Journal of Coastal Development. These fossils are not huge monsters like the Carboniferous fossils, but belong to relatively small Protoanisopterans and Zygopterans damselflies. South Asian Council of Odonatology, pp [3]. Fossils of these insects with seventy centimeter wingspans have been found in Commentry, France, and a fifty centimeter specimen was found in Bolsover in Derby, both in Carboniferous layers. Oftentimes, they hunt in groups where large numbers of termites or ants are flying, or near swarms of mayflies , caddisflies, or gnats. Whitehouse, F. Notice the three large gills that the animal uses to "breathe" in its underwater environment. Haslam, C. Sources: D. Prabakaran, and Y. Miller, P. Unlike butterflies and beetles , dragonflies and damselflies do not have an intermediate pupal stage before becoming an adult. Dragonflies Odonata of Alberta. Dragonflies of the north woods. Bulletin of American Odonatology 1 1 :

The functions of the pterostigma are not fully known, but it most probably has an aerodynamic effect [21] and may also have a visual function.

Ecological census techniques. Patil, J. Fabreries 21 2 : Privately published by A.

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Resources for the study of Odonata