A recollection of a burglary experience at my home

Or is your house on a corner? Even the type of glass in your windows matters. Why particular buildings are chosen to be burglarized rather than others remains ambiguous and not easily answered. On paper, both countries should be nearly burglary-free.

scared after burglary

But if you live in a suburban development where only two or three original home plans were used, then once a burglar knows these few, he or she knows all the houses—down to where the bedroom closets are and where safes or jewelry cabinets are most likely to be kept.

Is your house on a cul-de-sac? Two cars arrived quietly, no lights, no sirens, and we waited as the police cleared the house. Alternatively, perhaps the burglar has already been inside your house and is already familiar with its layout.

Why do I hate cops? Does your house have a back door or a garage?

psychological effects of burglary on the victim

If you find a Expatica is the international communitys online home Pay for my popular papers online away from home. Incredibly, the house had changed ownership twice after he was last employed there nearly ten years before, but the door lock had never been replaced; this meant that the ex-gardener no longer had any connection to the new homeowners.

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A recollection of a burglary experience at my home