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And there was another, ideological, reason why Hitler was not fully committed to invading Britain.

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Not necessarily remembered for its course of fighting, the battle is more known for its outcome. Advertisement To read more about Second World War battles, click here. He cares for the cause and is a strong passionate. Edit The Battle of Stalingrad turned into a disaster for the Germans and for a while, it looked as though they would go down instead of the Soviets. All three of these points in the war either brought something new into the war or changed the pecking order between rivaling countries. The Battle of Stalingrad is known as one of the greatest and most valuable battles fought in the Second World War. You know how it looks when you squeeze a tomato and juice comes out? Although they again sustained significant losses, Russian forces were able to form what in essence was a defensive ring around the city by late November , trapping the nearly , German and Axis troops in the 6th Army. Worse, if the Germans let themselves be drawn into a risky amphibious operation against a country Hitler had never wanted as an enemy, every day the potential threat from his greatest ideological opponent would be growing stronger. Yet Hitler was frustrated by geography - in the shape of the English Channel - from following his immediate instincts and swiftly crushing the British just as he had the French. What followed can only be described as a nine-month titanic battle, with the result that the German Sixth Army in Russia was almost completely destroyed. Heavy losses were inflicted on both sides, and in total upwards of 2 million casualties accumulated. He tells of mental and physical aspects of battle and shows how it effects all involved. I cut a lot of them. This resulted in an effective carte blanche for partisans to abuse their power and extract whatever they wanted from helpless villagers.

Hubert Menzel was a major in the General Operations Department of the OKH the Oberkommando des Heers, the German Army headquartersand for him the idea of invading the Soviet Union in had the smack of cold, clear logic to it: 'We knew that in two years' time, that is by the end ofbeginning ofthe English would be ready, the Americans would be ready, the Russians would be ready too, and then we would have to deal with all three of them at the same time Inthe Nuremberg Laws defined Jews by blood and ordered the total separation of "Aryans" and "non-Aryans.

They began consolidating their positions around Stalingrad, choking off the German forces from vital supplies and essentially surrounding them in an ever-tightening noose.

In a four day battle fought between aircraft based on giant aircraft carriers, the U.

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The battle raged on in four main operations that lasted only days. In the spring of the next year , another German offensive was launched especially around the approaches to Stalingrad. In this battle their were forty-eight days of an enraged a bitter battle, unparalleled in the history of mankind. The city was called in the name of Stalin, the leader of the Red Army and if the Germans captured it would be great propaganda for them and it would decrease the Russian morale, so Stalin made his army fight until death. To make villagers' lives still more hellish, in some areas, particularly the occupied Ukraine, nationalist partisans as opposed to Soviet partisans , who were bent on freedom from the Soviet regime, also started up their own brutal operations in the countryside. Nazi rule over the territories they captured from Russia was draconian. Stalin, using sheer force of numbers, threw another two million soldiers at the Germans. Death was walking with us.

And in the end what did the German aggressors have to show for it? The mid-November mobile operation to cut off the city demonstrated for the first time the skill of the rebuilt Red Army. However, the U-boats necessitated violence in order to achieve a strategic aim, challenging the 'pointless ' notion of the aforementioned statement.

Victory in Tunisia, the invasion of Sicily and the Italian surrender followed. The Wehrmacht followed up with an attack with Panzers and foot soldiers. Thanks for watching! Soviet soldiers were no longer instructed by their generals to stand their ground at all costs.

Suddenly they were faced with hand-to-hand combat, often only yards away from the enemy.

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I thought, 'You wanted to kill me, now it's your turn.

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10 Facts About the Battle of Stalingrad