A discussion on obamas speech on the advantages of the dream act

Share this on:. For immigration restrictionists, there is a lot to brag about. However, some politicians have discussed allowing this bill to move only in exchange for further militarization of our borders.

A discussion on obamas speech on the advantages of the dream act

Yet many of these young people may wish to join the military, and have the attributes needed - education, aptitude, fitness, and moral qualifications. They've heard enough pretty words, and now they want hard action. The game plan at the White House is simple but cynical: aggressively enforce immigration law by hook or by crook, rack up record numbers of deportations, and then have Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano brag about the results to those Americans who want the laws enforced. He still, because he is in this state, it's the state's responsibility - in fact, it is the state's legal mandate - to make sure that child is in school. The bill may become amended with border and interior enforcement provisions as it moves through Congress. I was glad to see it. Conference of Catholic Bishops ; the evangelical movement , the Jewish community ; and many others. To bring the DREAM Act up for debate, a vote was scheduled on October 24 that would require a filibuster-proof count of 60 yes votes, but that failed. The result is a stew of contradictions. According to her suggestions, illegal immigrant students should be allowed to hold a temporary student visa with a renewable work permit instead of conditional permanent residency. What materials should I gather to prove I qualify for the Dream Act? The path would be as follows: Conditional permanent residence CPR status for 8 years, during which time the person must fulfill the requirements for eligibility to apply for LPR status; applying for and receiving LPR status; spending a certain period of time generally 5 years in LPR status; then, finally, applying for and receiving U. Another way in which this bill is stronger than prior versions is the more generous age requirement. If the person was not working, they must show that they were enrolled in school or an education program. This allows our team to focus on improving the library and adding new essays.

Others stated that the DREAM Act, though worthy legislation, should be enacted only as part of a comprehensive immigration reform. Requirements for Removing Conditional Basis of Resident Status To remove the conditional basis of their resident status and become a full-fledged LPR, the applicant would have to meet these requirements: 1.

With the failure of these comprehensive reform bills, Senator Richard DurbinDemocrat from Illinois, made its passage a top priority for If an individual were convicted of a major crime or drug-related infraction, except for a single offense of possession of 30 g or less of marijuana they would automatically lose the six-year temporary residence status and be immediately subject to deportation.

Previous versions of the Dream Act, including the version[9] required immigrant youth to either complete two years of higher education or to join the military in order to receive LPR status.

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He graduates as valedictorian because he's a smart kid and he works his rear end off and he becomes the valedictorian of the school.

They include documents to prove identity passport, birth certificate, etc. They've heard enough pretty words, and now they want hard action. That's not very polite. They're not intended to be submitted as your own work, so we don't waste time removing every error.

Fee exemptions for application fees will be available for people who meet certain economic hardship criteria, including being under 18 years of age, having a chronic disability, and being in foster care.

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A Discussion on Obama's Speech on the Advantages of the Dream Act