2 bad habits indian have

You may not realize it but these habits can end up affecting your body and overall health. Bollywood craze. Let's see what are the bad habits that ails India. Drinking too much alcohol regularly If a man is consuming three or more drinks a day, it is over drinking.

As women are more sensitive to alcohol, drinking two or more drinks a day is considered over drinking. Copy the American accent.

Does it increase my income? If you eat in front of the television often, you will want to eat every time you watch the TV even if you are not hungry.

bad habits of indian youth

Here is the list of Top 10 extremely bad habits which we Indians need to avoid right now. Jun 16, 1. Skipping it will leave you sluggish and tired.

China got intoxicated with opium. They are looking for time-pass options. Did your friend show up to your dinner party empty handed, sans wine or even flowers?

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NDatta's Mann: Top 10 bad habits of an average Indian.